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God Has a Purpose for Trials

Have you ever wondered why good things happen to bad people? We have all observed the dilemma. We possibly have given thought to the world’s determination that “life isn’t fair.” Why should bad people be able to not only get by with their evil ways, but even prosper in them?

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We All Deal with Temptation

All of us know something about temptation. We are even tempted to blame outside sources for the problem. But our decisions determine the effectiveness of our temptations.

Now, having used the word “temptation,” let us define it, identify its sources, determine its limits, install the defenses against it, and consider our part in the outcome of any temptation.

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At Least We’re Talking about Death

The grief of a family
For several weeks the media flooded our minds with the sordid details of a family feud. A husband wanted to let his wife die as she had supposedly requested. Her parents wanted her to live. Both sides of the dispute fought to the bitter end, appealing and defending in every court available.

When we all got into the discussion, some said, “I certainly wouldn’t want to live like that!” Others said, “Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to die like that!” Some thought that it was a merciful thing to “let” Terri die; others were sure that the process was nothing short of murder imposed by judicial decree.

The loss of a leader
Then before we settled our minds on that subject, Pope John Paul II died. He was old and had lived a full life of service and had accomplished much, leaving a respected legacy. He was ill and it was wondered by many how much longer he could continue to serve in his office. Everything possible was done to preserve his life and to prolong his tenure as Pope. But in spite of it all, he died.

When we all got into the discussion, some said, “I hope that I can live so long!” Others said, “I hope that my doctors try that hard to keep me alive, but in the end I want to die peacefully, as he did.” We haven’t always been so willing to discuss the subject of death. Now that we have begun, let’s look further into the subject.

So far we really have been discussing life. Yes, we looked at its end, but the living conditions have been our focus. We have not considered who really determines the length of life. And we certainly haven’t discussed the eternal condition beyond the grave.

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