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Be Informed. . . Be Aware!

The last issue of the Visitor was back in June of this year, so you may have wondered—is the Visitor dead? While there have been some challenges and changes, the Visitor is continuing. So, given the space of time between the last issue and this one, let’s take a moment to remember the purpose, character, and essential components of this, the printed “voice” of the Ohio Bible Fellowship.

Through the Visitor items concerning the members and local churches  of the OBF are conveyed, such as special activities and programs, camp news, missionary news, editorial commentary, and biographical and historical sketches.

The Visitor has historically and will continue to be known as a tool for churches, interested individuals, and support ministries, specifically instructing about biblical convictions, explaining the biblical doctrine of separation, analyzing the direction of individuals and movements of the various strata of fundamentalism, evangelicalism, and apostasy. Through its pages we seek to be alerted to and warned of dangerous trends, gain information for a biblical stand on current issues, and obtain help in the ministry of the Word, worship, evangelism, and practical godliness.

Fulfilling these objectives through this periodical will be accomplished by providing the Visitor in both print and electronic formats. You can download PDF’s at the OBF Visitor website in several formats, as well as link to the separate posts there. Use this for its intended purposes—be informed. . . be aware!

December 2010


The Holiness of God

Growing up my brother and I were known for our very red hair. I wish I had a quarter for every time someone called me “carrot top” or asked us while in the grocery store, “Wherever did you get such red hair?”

While the red hair was attention getting, I have to admit I didn’t really like either the hair or the attention. I even let my brother cut my hair when he was only four years old and didn’t mind the extra locks he cut off! Thankfully as I got older my hair has turned more brown than red, and now with four teenagers the white hairs are coming through!

God is known for his attribute of holiness. God’s people are known as “saints,” or holy ones. The church is to be holy and blameless. Yet, the doctrine of holiness that is essential to who God is and is to characterize God’s people too often gets the same kind of response that I gave to my red hair! There is little to no real understanding, thankfulness, or love for holiness. Too many of Christ’s church today are not only wishing for a change—like I wanted my hair to change color—they are actively making the change, cutting it out entirely!

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What Is a Fellowship, Anyway?

The Ohio Bible Fellowship began in 1968. Now, that was a year before I was born, so I obviously have no firsthand knowledge of this organization! My knowledge of the OBF has come from reading the Visitor, attending its quarterly conferences, and talking with those who fellowship with it.

Over time, when new members join a fellowship, they are unaware of its history, character, and purposes. Sometimes they enter the fellowship because they know someone in it, they would like to participate in one of its ministries, or, sadly, to gain prestige and power through political maneuverings.

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The OBF at Forty

The Ohio Bible Fellowship recently passed its fortieth anniversary. At our spring meeting, we recognized that milestone by looking back at where we came from and looking ahead toward the coming years.

As part of the “look back,” we were privileged to listen to four men who were among the thirteen founders of the OBF in January, 1968. These men— Graydon Cox, Roger Bixler, George Bailey, and John Ashbrook —shared memories of the OBF’s founding, testimonies of their appreciation of the fellowship, and challenges to those of us who follow them. Here are their testimonies as transcribed from audio recordings.

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Forsaking the Faith

feature-article.gifDuring recess in elementary school a favorite activity of ours was a good, vigorous game of soccer. What made it vigorous, of course, was the lack of referees! This also made for an interesting and regularly occurring phenomenon: players that would, during the course of the game, defect to the other side! This definitely made the game more interesting, as one team would soon outnumber the other.The defection of loved ones, friends, and church members to Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Lutheranism has seemed to increase in recent years. The most recent, high-profile defection from evangelical ranks to Catholicism is Francis Beckwith, former president of the Evangelical Theological Society, a professional society of Bible scholars, teachers, and pastors. Additionally, much of evangelicalism has come to view adherents of these religious “traditions” as brothers and sisters in Christ.

What motivates professing believers to leave for these religious groups? Why is this a growing trend? Should those who now identify with Catholic, Orthodox, or possibly even Lutheran churches still be viewed as Christians? Is there anything fundamental churches can do about it?

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Dangers from the Home?

feature-article.gifSince the beginning of Christianity, believers have been warned of enemies from both outside and inside the church (Acts 20:29–30). Fundamental churches have long been aware of attacks in the form of apostate teaching and the social gospel. As well, fundamentalism has responded to brethren who have refused to separate from unbelieving and disobedient believers and ministries.

In recent years, new dangers to Christ’s Bride have arisen, oftentimes noticed but sometimes even promoted by men and ministries who should know better. Amazingly some of these threats originate from the most unlikely of sources—the Christian home!

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Fundamentalism and the Pre-Tribulational Rapture of the Church

feature-article.gifMost fundamentalists have promoted and defended “the Book, the Blood, and the Blessed Hope.” Why is this? If someone does not hold to a certain end-time system does that disqualify him from being a genuine fundamentalist? Does one’s belief about the end times really matter?

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