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Showcase the Gospel

Sound Words graphicWhat do people see when they watch us? The answer to that question is important because our lives should showcase what God has done. We know this to be true, and yet it is something we need to be reminded of constantly.

Why is that? The problem is not that we are ignorant, but that over time we forget what we have learned. In Titus 3:1–8, Paul gives three reminders that will help us stay on track.

First, he reminds us about our testimony (vv. 1–2). Our attitude toward authority and other people can either be a great addition or a horrible subtraction from our spoken witness.

Second, he reminds us of our past (v. 3). Too often we are amazed at the actions of lost people and wonder how they could be so foolish. During times like that, we need to remember our own sinful past.

As we do, we will have a greater appreciation for Paul’s final reminder about our salvation (vv. 4–8). As sinful men and women, we were without hope until the mercy of God was revealed to us through Jesus Christ. What a blessing to remember what God has done for each of us! But if we are not careful we may forget these wonderful truths.

Let us be careful to meditate daily on our salvation and then live in such a way that our lives showcase the life-changing message of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

November 2006


Purity and Unity

Our church office is bombarded with invitations to new evangelical events. Each advertisement claims to be the most important event since the Great Awakening. Many times, evangelism, discipleship, revival, and worship are the inviting subjects. Who would not want to be united with brothers and sisters in Christ in such endeavors?

Unfortunately, many of these events are filled with compromise in both doctrine and practice. At times I wonder, “Is it really possible to have unity within the Body of Christ?” The answer to that question is simple. Yes, it is possible, but it is often hindered by sin. Unless the sin is addressed, there is no hope for biblical unity.

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“Storm the Gates”

Promise Keepers—you have heard the name. It is an ecumenical organization which seeks to minister to men. I never expected to visit one of its meetings. However, the Editor of the Visitor asked me to attend the recent Promise Keepers rally at Gund Arena in Cleveland and to write a report for the paper. Thus began my ecumenical experience. The mission statement of the group states that it is, “dedicated to igniting and uniting men to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ through effective communication of the Seven Promises.” With such good intentions how could anyone speak against it? The answer became quite evident during my visit.

It was Friday evening, July 26, 2002. I entered Gund Arena (the basketball and hockey venue for Cleveland) through the milling crowd and found a seat on the main floor. Rock music was blaring over the public address system. To the right of the podium on the stage were drums, electric guitars, keyboards, and microphones. To the left was a mock stone wall with a large wooden gate. The theme for the conference was, “Storm the Gates.” It was loosely based on Matthew 16:18. Peter was a featured character. Before the formal program began the staff led the crowd in a cheering competition. Each side of the arena sought to out-decibel the other. The cheer was, “We love Jesus, yes, we do. We love Jesus. How about you?”

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