Be Informed. . . Be Aware!

The last issue of the Visitor was back in June of this year, so you may have wondered—is the Visitor dead? While there have been some challenges and changes, the Visitor is continuing. So, given the space of time between the last issue and this one, let’s take a moment to remember the purpose, character, and essential components of this, the printed “voice” of the Ohio Bible Fellowship.

Through the Visitor items concerning the members and local churches  of the OBF are conveyed, such as special activities and programs, camp news, missionary news, editorial commentary, and biographical and historical sketches.

The Visitor has historically and will continue to be known as a tool for churches, interested individuals, and support ministries, specifically instructing about biblical convictions, explaining the biblical doctrine of separation, analyzing the direction of individuals and movements of the various strata of fundamentalism, evangelicalism, and apostasy. Through its pages we seek to be alerted to and warned of dangerous trends, gain information for a biblical stand on current issues, and obtain help in the ministry of the Word, worship, evangelism, and practical godliness.

Fulfilling these objectives through this periodical will be accomplished by providing the Visitor in both print and electronic formats. You can download PDF’s at the OBF Visitor website in several formats, as well as link to the separate posts there. Use this for its intended purposes—be informed. . . be aware!

December 2010


OBF Visitor Website

The OBF Visitor is the official publication of the Ohio Bible Fellowship. Feature articles from past issues of the Visitor are made available here for your use. You may read, distribute, and use this material as long as you do so in its entirety and without modification. All articles © The Ohio Bible Fellowship.


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