His Robes for Mine

Sound Words graphicThe doctrine of imputed righteousness and unrighteousness is awe-inspiring. Scripture teaches that God has credited all of my sin to Christ and punished Him as though He were a sinner, while also crediting all of Christ’s righteousness to me and rewarding me as though I were holy (2 Cor 5:21; 1 Pet 2:24). God put my sin on Christ, then judged and forsook Him so that He might not do the same to me? Astounding. And God treats me as though I were as blameless as His Son? Glorious.

Scripture sometimes pictures this amazing transfer as an exchange of garments (Isa 61:10; Zech 3:1–5; Phil 3:9; Rev 4:4; 7:9–14; 19:7–8). My meditations on these great truths have resulted in a new hymn highlighting the doctrine of imputation. It can be sung to Eventide, the tune usually associated with the hymn “Abide with Me.”

His Robes for Mine
His robes for mine: O wonderful exchange!
Clothed in my sin, Christ suffered ’neath God’s rage.
Draped in His righteousness, I’m justified!
In Christ I live, for in my place He died.

His robes for mine: my God, how can it be?
Jesus is crushed, and thus the Father’s pleased?
Christ drank the dregs of God’s just wrath on sin:
God is appeased; propitiation, won!

His robes for mine, how terrible the cost:
Jesus forsaken; God estranged from God!
He, as though I, was banished—left alone!
I, as though He, am cherished—welcomed home!

His robes for mine: such anguish none can know:
Christ, God’s beloved, judged as though His foe!
Smitten by God, and spit upon by men?
Free my salvation, yet not free to Him!

His robes for mine, what cause have I for dread?
God’s daunting Law Christ mastered in my stead.
Faultless I stand, with righteous works not mine,
Saved by my Lord’s vicarious death—and life!

His robes for mine, the suffering is done:
Sin’s dreadful wage was paid by God’s Just Son.
Bought by such love, my life is not my own:
My praise—my all—shall be for Christ alone!

July 2007


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